Drawing Inspiration from Westtown School’s Beautiful Campus

Drawing Inspiration from Westtown School’s Beautiful Campus

The Westtown Toile collection features images of iconic buildings on the school's campus. Using the school’s rich archive of historic photographs, artist Joe Kulesza meticulously interpreted each building in pen and ink. The sketches were then digitized, enhanced with elements of the surrounding natural landscape, and put into repeat. The resulting fabric and wallpaper collection is produced by Adaptive Textiles, a local company with student and teacher ties to Westtown School.



Main Building

The Main Building was built between 1885 and 1888 to replace the original 1799 schoolhouse.


Industrial Hall

Industrial Hall, constructed in 1869, was famously moved just 200 feet on soaped rails in 1885 to make room for the new Main Building.


Bacon Cottage

Bacon Cottage, the school's first art studio and domestic sciences facility, was built in 1923 and renamed Balderston Commons in 2001; it currently houses the Admission Office and student and faculty dormitories.


Guerster House

Guerster House (formerly Stone House), built in 1803 as an infirmary, has served as a dormitory for younger boarding students and faculty since 1919.


Lake House

The Lake House was built in 1911 in honor of two alums.


The inclusion of a fox in the design is a nod to George Fox who, along with Margaret Fell, is credited with founding the Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as Quakers. A portrait of George Fox, entitled George Fox on Pendle Hill, was painted by Violet Oakley in 1957 and hangs in the South Room of the Main Building of the school.