Uplifting people’s history through inspired textile products

Why Lodestone?

Formed when a burst of lightning strikes an ordinary mineral, lodestones have a magnetic quality unique to the circumstance of their creation. It’s a reminder of the enduring nature of the past and how it affects the present. Lodestones have driven the exploration of our world, from the mysteries of magnetism to the extraordinary possibilities unlocked by navigation. 

Here at Lodestone Collective we believe in the power of interacting with our past to enrich our lives today. Our collections capture a moment of history we can touch, allowing us to reflect on the connections to our roots. It’s no coincidence that our first partnership is with the Chester County History Center - the CCHC is just over a mile away from our manufacturing facility. Our flagship pattern, the Chester County Toile, features landmarks that shaped our community.


More than a Manufacturer

With nearly two decades of experience, our printers and sewists continue to innovate and elevate the art of home textile production. From design layouts that prevent waste to careful sourcing all throughout our supply chain, we’re always striving for better. Lodestone is our opportunity to make an impact that goes beyond our products. Through the relationships with our partners, we’re able to create artwork with a deeper purpose – celebrating our past by beautifying our present.